Parking Garages
		These images examine the parking garage, which is used daily, but never
		closely observed. Though designed and constructed like any other building, the parking garage 
		rarely receives the same consideration or appreciation that other buildings do.  I am drawn
		to its strong formal structure and how the ambient light renders the texture of its surfaces.
		Through this, I seek to show that there can be beauty found within its seemingly uninteresting
		Shop Windows
		This body of work considers the shop window at night. Some businesses, though closed for the day,
		continue to leave their lights on, thus leaving the front displays illuminated for passerby. Since
		many window displays have already been organized and composed by another person, I view them as
		readymades of sorts, for me to further compose.
		Sehnsucht is described as a feeling of longing, yearning, or craving, and in some cases, for something
		that we do not know. This relates to the process of making this body of work. The spaces depicted are 
		places that stood out to me in passing, and I was compelled to go back and photograph them. In the making 
		of the photographs I was able to contemplate the space and try to understand what drew me to them.